WAMsc - Sliding Contact

WAMsc is a sliding contact test machine which simulates non-Hertzian sliding contact conditions. These types of contacts are most often found in journal bearings and between the cage and land surfaces of a rolling element bearing, where the surfaces are separated by a hydrodynamic oil film. WAMsc is frequently used to compare the tribological performance of bearing materials and lubricants under start/stop, hydrodynamic liftoff, debris-tolerance, and oil-out test conditions.

  • The main drive motor rotates specimen "b" up to 15,000 rpm.
  • Specimen "d", mounted on the left side, can remain stationary or rotate.
  • Specimen "d" (left side) is mounted on air bushings to allow for measurement of friction (or torque) via a reaction load cell.
  • Radial position or load controlled by actuator, load cell, and encoder.