WAMft - Fretting Test Machine

Wedeven Associates' Fretting and Translation Test machine (WAMft) is designed for extraordinary versatility. Material pairs varying in shape and size can easily be evaluated under fretting fatigue and wear conditions due to the flexibility of the machine. With customized test protocols tailored to each individual application, and advanced software for recording and monitoring data, an incredible variety of environments can be simulated.

Fretting Motion

Often used to simulate high-frequency, low-amplitude vibratory motions associated with engine.

Translation Motion

Typically used to simulate lower frequency, larger amplitude motions often associated with the thermal expansion of components.

Flexible Conditions

WAMft is able to operate under a wide range of conditions that allow various types of system-relevant conditions to be explored. These conditions include:

  • Contact Geometry
  • Normal Load
  • Fretting amplitude
  • Fretting frequency
  • Translation amplitude
  • Translation frequency
  • Test duration
  • Temperature

The machine also includes data-logging software that monitors and saves data such as friction force, cycle count, temperature, and combined specimen wear depth.