Our Core Services

WAM Test Machines

Advanced and adaptable test machines for accurate tribology prediction and analysis. Our machines reproduce many wear profiles like micropitting, scuffing, spalling, and more

Testing Services

Our experienced test engineers utilize Wedeven test methods designed in conjuction with the machines to provide the best available tribology testing.


With our analysis lab and expertise, we can closely examine many kinds of tribological wear and accurately differentiate causes and effects.

Precision Machine Shop

We control the manufacture of test specimens in our machine shop to guarantee consistency of specimens across the entire tribology research process.

Our testing simulates material pairings and oil functions with a greater degree of accuracy than simple bench tests or property measurements, at a much lower cost compared with full scale component and service tests. This allows us to take an intermediate role in tribology development, serving both tribology research and industry.

Suppliers and Tribology Research

Through experience and long-standing relationships, we can contribute solutions to tribology problems as well as help develop new technologies.


We also diagnose service problems and respond with in-depth failure analysis. Our service can be vital when urgent tribology needs arise.

WAM Machine

Tribology Test Machine

The WAM Machine is a ball-on-disc test machine that has the capability to evaluate wear, scuffing, and fatigue resistance capabilities with ball and disc test specimens. Read More...


Fretting and Translation

Wedeven Associates' Fretting and Translation Test machine (WAMft) applies flexible fretting and translation fatigue to material pairs varying in shape and size. Read More...



The WAMmp machine utilizes an advanced gearbox design and other support components to precisely control speeds of test components while measuring incipient sliding conditions. Read More...


Sliding Contact

WAMsc is a sliding contact test machine which has the capability to simulate non-Hertzian sliding contact conditions. Read More...


Impact Loading

WAMhammer utilizes advanced control systems to evaluate fatigue and wear performance of material pairs under impact loading conditions. Read More...


High Stress

WAMhs is a specialized high stress ball-on-disc test machine that has the capability to evaluate wear, scuffing, and fatigue resistance capabilities with ball and disc test specimens. Read More...

Precision Machining/Grinding

With our new machine shop, we can now personally guarantee quality and control in the manufacture of specimens

machine shop

Qualification Test Methods

Developed by tribology experts to accurately simulate contacts in a variety of conditions

machine shop

Experienced Test Engineers

Test engineers who are familiar with the technology and prepared to adapt to whatever tribology needs arise

machine shop

In Depth Communication

We want our customers to be involved in the testing that they commission from us. Whether that means lunch and a full company tour, or video chat from a smartphone, we strive to make sure the customer is with us every step of the way.

Detailed Reporting

When the testing ends, we aren't done. We put our experts to work providing comprehensive analysis of the results, as well as detailed reports for our customer's benefit. Then we stand by to make sure they understand the science meaning and engineering usefulness of the data.

Serious Consideration and Timely Results

Our customers produce everything from minute computer parts to high-speed jet engine gears, and we know that wear can have disastrous results wherever the application. For this reason, we take our work very seriously. We are always available to make sure your wear problems are a thing of the past.

Failure Analysis and Consulting

Sometimes accidents happen. Materials wear and fail. We are here to help discover the cause. Our experts are available to provide consulting when things go wrong. Even if testing isn't an option, we are happy to lend a hand.

The future of Wedeven Associates

We are hard at work on the future of tribology research. Our proprietary modeling techniques are in development to predict tribology performance in a variety of conditions.

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